Patent Filed by Apple Points Towards Built-In Subwoofers in Future iMac Devices

By Nitish Singh / August 8, 2018

The current generation of iMac computers have great speakers but fail to impress due to the lack of a subwoofer. Apple may rectify that in the near future with a newly granted patent that suggests the tech giant is working on subwoofers with air-cooling for future iMacs.

According to the patent that was filed at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, new iMac models may include electrical components built into the subwoofer to dissipate heat. It extra space and airflow could mean lower system temperatures overall due to a cooler power supply. The new circuitry will also supply inaudible signals to the system for detecting heat temperatures and predicting future heat-producing conditions.

Apple iMac Patent

Image Courtesy of Apple World

Apple is known to file multiple patents for its products, and not all of the patented technology makes it into their products. It is not known if the company will end up including subwoofers and ditch the ultra-thin design of its iMac lineup. However, with many users requesting better speakers on Apple’s home computers, it is likely that the new patent’s technology will be implemented.

The patent does not specify that it is meant for the iMac devices only and could very well be for Apple’s Homepod speakers too. The new lineup of iMacs can be expected later this year with the next Apple conference scheduled for September. We can expect to see a new lineup of iPhones, iMac computers, MacBooks, and iPads. The tech giant is also expected to release new wireless accessories, next-gen HomePod speakers, and an upgraded Apple Watch.

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