Apple Music Feed Updated with Dedicated Sections for Albums and Artists

By Nitish Singh / September 10, 2018

One of the biggest gripes Apple Music users had was how content is organized on the main feed of the app. You would be greeted with a cluttered user interface that would include both singles and collections together with studio albums. It was very difficult to simply scroll to an album you would be looking for due to a large number of irrelevant releases that would be showcased on the feed.

Apple has finally addressed the issue with the latest update to the app. The user interface is much cleaner and comes with dedicated sections. Studio Albums in Apple Music finally have their own category and are displayed first while other categories like Live Albums, Singles/EPs, Compilations and a new “Essential Albums” tab listed separately.

The new “Essential Albums” feature displays most major artists below their famous songs. The picks are subjective in nature based on algorithm but are usually accurate. The new update is not perfect as deluxe editions, and remasters of the same songs clutter up an artists’ history. However, it is still a massive update to the UI and one that has been long warranted. The update to the app is server-side, and you do not have to manually update your Apple Music app to access the new UI.

Apple Music also debuted country-specific Top 100 charts visible from within the app. The new feature lists the top 100 songs based on user activity of the app’s users in the region. You can also browse the top 100 lists of other countries if you want to discover something new or simply want to know what’s popular in other regions of the world.

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