Apple Maps Updates Include Real-Time Traffic in 6 More Countries

Written by Copley Sutton
Last updated May 3, 2024

It's been a long time but at last, it happened. In the past two months, Apple was quite busy. It released a few updates for the Apple Maps application and Apple users are excited. First, there was the release of transit support in Buffalo, New York. Arizona now has access to indoor details about malls. In Rome, you'll now have access to transit directions.

But here's the big news. Now Apple's real-time traffic information is available in another six countries. They are Vietnam, the Philippines, Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya, and Brunei. That pushes the total number of areas that enjoy this service to over 70. As on similar apps, congestion is identified by orange and red marks.

Apple traffic

Courtesy of Mac Rumors

Updates aren't the only plans Apple has for this app. The brand plans an entire overhaul of the application in the near future. Why is this necessary? Because Apple believes it can function even better on data collected itself, rather than using a third party such as TomTom.

It's absolutely necessary the brand keeps on upgrading and changing Apple Maps. It's one of the few features of the brand that hasn't always performed optimally. Originally the app contained incomplete data such as roads leading nowhere. Some cities weren't even on the maps. The brand knows its software isn't as effective as Google Maps yet and therefore huge changes are necessary. The benefit of switching to its own data sources rather than third parties will also enable it to make changes faster. In future updates could happen within days instead of months as is currently the case.

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