Apple Launches Service Program for iPhone 12 Devices That Have Sound Problems

By Bill Toulas / August 28, 2021

Apple has announced a new service program for iPhone 12 devices that suffer from inexplicable audio problems like emitting no sound when receiving or making calls. According to the announcement, this concerns a very small percentage of devices manufactured between October 2020 and April 2021, but no specific numbers were given. If you are having sound troubles with your iPhone 12, you may be eligible for service on an Apple Repair Center or an Apple-authorized service provider.

Note that this only concerns iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro devices, so the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max models aren’t covered by this program. If you are having similar problems on these models, you are either going to be covered by a different service program when the problematic component starts failing, or you are very unlucky because the rate of occurrence of sound problems in these devices is too low to guarantee a similar response.

If you think you're eligible, follow the steps on this webpage to get your support. Before sending out your device for service, remember to back up your iPhone to the iCloud or your computer, remove your SIM card, and remove the device from your Apple ID device list. Apple also warns that if the problematic device has a cracked screen, this issue will have to be resolved beforehand. People can order both repairs, but the cost for the additional work will burden them, of course.

You have a time margin of two years after the date you bought the device as new from a retailer to take advantage of the free service. That should be until November 2022 at the earliest. Apple reserves the right to restrict the repair to the country or region of purchase, so keep that in mind. The repair will basically revolve around replacing the earpiece speaker on the receiver module, which is the component that fails. As such, you won’t get a new device or anything that you would notice replaced.

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