Apple iOS 12 Beta Contains Annoying Update Notification Bug

By Nitish Singh / August 31, 2018

Using beta software does come with its own set of problems and Apple’s iOS is no different. The latest version of the iOS 12 beta contains a nagging bug that causes an update notification to pop up each time you unlock your iPhone or iPad. While the notification can be easily dismissed, if you unlock your device many times a day it can definitely get annoying.

The issue has been around since the latest iOS 12 beta, and there are no temporary fixes whatsoever. You are forced to dismiss the notification every time you unlock your screen and Apple is yet to address this issue. If you really want to get rid of the problem you can either opt out of the iOS 12 beta which will allow you to revert to iOS 11 until iOS 12 comes out. Alternatively, you can simply wait it out and wait for the next update to hit your device.

iOS 12 is bringing a host of performance improvements to Apple devices, especially on older-generation iPhones and iPads. Apple has promised 40% faster app launches and smoother animations. The notification system has been completely revamped, and we are finally getting access to grouped notifications. Apple is also including a host of AI features into the OS that allows developers to build intuitive augmented reality apps and brands like Lego have already partnered with the tech giant for some upcoming projects. Apps like Messages and Facetime are also getting added functionality. With Apple scheduled to release its new lineup of devices next month, we can expect iOS 12’s public release to roll out shortly after.

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