Apple pulls Check Activation Lock Status tool, will affects sales on used iPhones and iPads

By TechNadu Staff / January 31, 2017

Apple has removed its Activation Lock Status Checker on iCloud few days ago. The purpose of this tool is to enable users to enter the IMEI or a serial number of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and find if the device is Activation Locked or not. It mainly helped customers to avoid buying stolen or used devices that might be device locked by another user.

Activation Lock

Activation Lock Status

The company recently shut down its Check Activation Lock Status web page, which was a handy tool for checking.

Apple suggested that before you buy a used device to check the activation lock. Do these following.

  1. Turn the device on and slide to unlock.
  2. If any Passcode appears in home screen ask the seller to completely erase which is done by Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Never take ownership before erasing the device.
  3. Once you begin activation and still asks for the previous owner's Apple id, return it back to the seller and ask him to unlock it or else ask the previous owner to remove the device from Do not take ownership before removing the previous owner.

Macrumors in its post told "Apple isn’t saying why it shut down the Check Activation Lock Status feature. It’s possible the company decided it was some sort of security or privacy risk, or it’s possible not enough people used the feature so Apple decided to turn it off."

But for right now it’s going to be more difficult to verify if that iPhone on eBay for an unbelievable price is a great deal or a stolen device someone is trying to move quickly.

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