Apple to Adopt OLED Displays for All Upcoming iPhone Models by 2019

By Nitish Singh / May 29, 2018

Apple is set to move away from LCD displays from its lineup of iPhones. With the iPhone X being the first OLED phone Apple has put out, recent reports suggest that two out of three iPhones releasing this year will include OLED displays. Also, the entire lineup for smartphones from Apple will make use of OLED technology starting next year.

A second-generation iPhone X is expected this year along with a larger version of the iPhone X. A ‘budget’ iPhone X is also expected this year which will include an LCD panel instead of OLED to bring the price down for consumers who may find the X series to be steep on their budget.

Apple iPhone X

Image Courtesy of CNBC

Unlike most other manufacturers that offer highly saturated colors on their OLED panels, Apple continues its trend of offering true colors that feel natural. The current display supports HDR and it is likely that this feature will be available in the upcoming “True Tone” OLED displays in future iPhones. Currently, Samsung makes OLED panels for the iPhone X, and it is likely Apple will move to one of its own manufacturers for producing OLED panels.

There have been rumors that LG will be producing OLED panels for upcoming devices until Japan Display readies itself for production for the 2019 iPhone lineup. It is likely LG will be producing the displays for the new iPhone X Plus that is due for an announcement later this year.

Rumors are taken very seriously by the financial market when it comes to big names like Apple. The recent news surrounding the displays is already taking a toll on Apple LCD manufacturers Sharp and Japan Display with the display manufacturers losing 4% and 20% of their revenue, respectively. Japan Display is currently one of Apple’s display manufacturers, but the company will not be producing OLED panels for the iPhone manufacturer before 2019.

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