App Store Browsing Generates Over 25% Game Downloads On iOS 11

By Nitish Singh / May 17, 2018

Sensor Tower researched the App Store’s impact on game and app downloads recently and published results. In a recent study, the research firm found out that games can experience eight times the downloads if featured in the app store.

The latest research concludes that since the iOS 11 update, game discovery has become a lot more impactful for game developers. Over 25% of game downloads are generated from App Store browsing. The iOS 11 update from September 2017 introduced multiple redesigns of apps with the App Store being heavily changed to help users find apps and games they do not own more easily. Before the iOS 11 update, the impact browsing had on downloads was less than 20%.

App Store

Image Courtesy of Sensor Tower

The research was conducted on all downloads between May 2017 to April 2018. Getting featured on the App Store is the best way to get a boost in downloads. Apple has a team of dedicated curators that choose what apps to showcase. Featured apps and games require endorsement partnerships with Apple, which can only be achieved through maintaining high standards.

One of the important considerations for an app or game to be featured is a consistent 4.5-star rating or above without any drops. Supporting users and offering quick solutions to problematic releases can help maintain such high ratings for developers. Apps and games that are consistently highly rated by users can approach Apple to get endorsed in the App Store.

While large developers tend to top the curators’ charts with multiple entries in featured lists, smaller developers cut just as often. Bigger developers usually experience the spotlight more because of the number of apps that are pushed out by big budget companies compared to standalone developers who publish single apps and games. With reductions in publishing costs, smaller developers are having an easier time at competing against the big players.

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