“Anonymous” Threaten to Expose the Crimes of Minneapolis Police

By Bill Toulas / June 1, 2020

The members of the popular international hacktivist group known as “Anonymous” have taken their side on the ongoing unrest in the United States. They threaten the Minneapolis Police with catastrophic exposure of their crimes. The particular police department has ignited country-wide social unrest in the United States, after one of its officers kneeled on the neck of an arrested and immobilized the person for almost nine minutes, causing him to die, possibly by blocking his air passage. The arrested man, George Floyd, repeatedly pleaded for help and shouted that he couldn’t breathe. Still, the officer, Derek Chauvin, as well as another three police officers who were present on the scene, didn’t change their stance.

Naturally, “Anonymous” joined in on the rage against the machine, accusing the Minneapolis Police of a long track record of abuse of power, corruption, and unjustified violence against black people. The hackers added that they do not trust the judicial system, and believe that its corrupted representatives will not deliver justice since they only care about continuing the oppression and carrying out the will of the criminal ruling class. For this reason, they declare war against Minneapolis Police and promise to gather information and further expose them for criminal activities.

Over the weekend, the Minneapolis police department's website went through some offline moments, possibly due to DDoS attacks. By Sunday, the admins added a “captcha” so that the bots could be filtered out. Right now, the website seems to be working fine, and defacements or service downtimes aren’t what Anonymous promised anyway. There are also reports about credential leaks that supposedly belong to the Minneapolis police. These have been confirmed to be excerpts from previous breaches that have been documented before, so there are no fresh leaks.

As for the case itself, the police are now engaging in even greater violence against protesters who are asking for justice by marching the streets. Three out of the four officers who were involved in the death of George Floyd remain free, and Derek Chauvin is accused of third-degree murder (no intent). As for the victim, the first (and possibly last) autopsy found the cause of death to be hypertensive heart and coronary artery disease. At the same time, President Trump wants to blame the riots on a particular far-left group, people are believing and spreading fake news about “what’s really going on” on social media, and police officers are exposed for acting as provocateurs. All that said, things are looking like they’ll play out as they always do in these cases, and this is why people aren’t willing to accept it this time.

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