Analysts Predict 2018 iPhone Lineup to Be 20-30% Faster

By Nitish Singh / August 27, 2018

With Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company running against time to produce Apple’s new A12 chipsets after a few setbacks, many analysts have started predicting the new chipset’s capabilities. Apple is scheduled to announce its new iPhone lineup next month, and the new 7nm chipset can improve performance by 20-30%.

The A11 chipset was a big leap in terms of CPU architecture, and the A12 seeks to refine it with a 7nm design and further performance and power consumption improvements. TSMC claims that the new chipset can offer up to 20% improvement in speed and a 40% reduction in power consumption. The GPU should also see a performance improvement up to 40% according to analysts based on previous iPhone chipsets that were launched.

When it comes to real-world performance, the new iPhone lineup will not improve by much because the hardware on the previous generation iPhones is significantly powerful and most mobile apps or iOS are not demanding enough to stretch the CPUs to their limits. However, battery performance should definitely see a noticeable improvement with the new 7nm architecture.

The battery capacities of the new iPhones have not been revealed and it is expected that we won't see any spec bump when it comes to the battery size on the upcoming standard sized handsets from the tech giant. With a new iPhone X Plus expected to come out next month, we can definitely expect a larger battery to power the bigger display.

Apple is also rumored to include a global Intel modem for connectivity instead of releasing multiple region-specific variants to comply with regional cellular technologies. It can simplify Apple’s iPhone supply chain and also make it easier for global travelers.

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