AMD Prepares To Launch 7-Nanometer CPUs and GPUs In 2019

By Goran Spasojevic / April 30, 2018

AMD is trying out next-gen processors called Zen 2 with 7-nanometer tech as part of their preparations for the launch in 2019. In addition to that, AMD is also testing their Radeon Instinct machine learning graphics cards which use 7-nanometer Vega-based technology. These new GPUs will double the size of the current memory interface width and double the bandwidth of the current GPUs.

Right now, there is no information if this 7-nanometer graphics tech will be used for gaming cards. Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, said that new GPUs will be manufactured by TSMC. For the production of processors and other products, AMD will use Global Foundries. The latest second-generation Zen chips that AMD has launched only recently, use 14-nanometer technology.

amd zen processors x86 cores roadmap

Image Courtesy Of TechPowerUp

It seems that TSMC is the new leader in the tech development race since it came as a surprise that newest GPUs won't be produced by Global Foundries. As Engadget noted, TSMC uses bleeding-edge extreme ultraviolet lithography in their production instead of the conventional, visible wavelength light.

As evident from AMD's latest earnings call, these latest predictions from AMD could put a lot of pressure on Intel who told their investors that they are preparing for the 10-nanometer technology processors launch in 2019 which is, according to Intel, generations ahead of its competitors. However, if AMD achieves their goal regarding 7-nanometer processors and GPUs, it begs the question who will end up as a new leader in the processor development race. Either way, it comes without a doubt that this will be a good year for AMD since the company turned $81 million profit this quarter while in the same period last year, they achieved $33 million loss.

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