Amazon Video New Releases for January 2018

By Thoinot Arbeau / December 31, 2017

With the new year just around the corner, Amazon Video has prepared a ton of fresh releases set for January. It looks like that this streaming giant made serious new year resolutions and is prepared to stick by them. Amazon Video new releases include various motion picture masterpieces from the past few decades that marked the movie industry, as well as some new seasons of famous TV shows. It's safe to say that the expansion of Amazon Video's diverse library will keep you entertained all the way throughout new years' first month.

But before you start making popcorn, let's see what exactly Amazon Video has in store for you.

Classic Movies for Streaming on Amazon Prime

For Amazon Prime users packed "new releases" category will include over 50 titles most of which will be available on January 1st.

Amazon Video New Releases popcorn

One of the movies that stand out is definitely "Reservoir Dogs". This flick aged really well, and although first, it's one of Quentin Tarantino's finest and most popular works. If you don't enjoy bloodshed and would like to watch one of the great drama/mystery movies of the 90's, "Six Degrees of Separation" should be one of your top picks. Young Will Smith will induce a little comedy to the mix in one of the pictures that made his name in Holywood. However, if you would like something more action-packed, try out "American Ninja" as he takes on a bunch of mercenaries with the mix of martial art techniques and good old American kick-assery. One of the most exciting crime movies on the list is definitely David Fincher's "Zodiac", a story about an amateur detective obsessed with finding a mysterious San Francisco killer from the 60's and 70's.

Not all new releases will be from the previous decades. If you want to check out some newer titles that got made in the year behind us, you can watch "A Ghost Story", "The Midwife", or "Wonderstruck", which is an Amazon Original. Kids have something to be excited for as well since Harry Potter movies will be available on Amazon Channels.

Other well-known titles include "Requiem for a Dream", "Thelma & Louise", "The Perfect Weapon", "Love Story", "Platoon Leader", and others.

TV Shows That Dominate Amazon Video New Releases

If you are a "Doctor Who" fan, you'll be happy to know that brand new episodes will be up. This BBC time and space adventure is about to hit its 11th season and is still among the most popular TV shows of this type. When we're on the subject of fantasy shows, you should really check out season 6 of "Grimm". This is at the same time the last season of the very exciting police drama with a bit of horror and mystery.

Amazon Video New Releases doctor who

Some new TV shows that you haven't been able to watch on Amazon Video until now include "Tennison", "Counterpart", "The Alienist", and Amazon Originals "Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams", and "The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish".

Final Thoughts

Amazon Video is really growing in popularity, and with these fresh releases, it sure is going to pick up some new subscribers. This is the reason why they remain one of the top American online streaming services, but there are also ways to watch Amazon Video outside the US. So cozy up, prepare the snacks and start binge watching. With Amazon Video new releases the choices are abundant so you are sure to find something worth checking out.

We would love to hear your thoughts about these new releases and which one are you most excited to see. Also, how does Amazon Video compare to its competition in terms of content quality and quantity? Let's discuss these interesting topics.

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