Amazon Fire TV Cubes Receive Alexa Announcement Functionality

By Nitish Singh / December 7, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Cube devices received a new software update that brings voice announcement functionality for users. The new Alexa Announcements feature allows anyone with an Amazon Fire TV device or Alexa device access to voice messages. The voice messaging feature came to Echo devices earlier this year while Fire TV Cube users were waiting for the update all this while.

The Alexa Announcement functionality offers visual cues with the Fire TV Cube with a full-screen menu that shows you a transcript of your communication. To use the feature, you need to record a voice message, and it will be relayed to other connected devices. Users who are viewing content on their smart devices will receive the announcements immediately. Up to 25 devices can receive an announcement at the same time.

Users also have the option of disabling incoming Alexa Announcements on any supported device. The new feature can be used to configure Alexa Routines and also connect to security and surveillance devices. Whenever an intrusion is detected by your smart security devices and announcement will be relayed to all connected smart devices immediately. The smart home integration has not been fully implemented yet, and all of the features will be available by the end of this month.

Along with the new Alexa Announcement feature, users will also be able to adjust the volume of connected audio and media equipment through smart gestures. Prior to the update users could use voice commands to adjust the volume and if you wanted to adjust your volume by a big margin you would need to repeat the voice commands over and over again. Users can now say how much they want to increase their volume levels by, and the smart assistant will adjust the media playback volume accordingly.

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