Amazon Alexa Blueprints Can Now Be Shared Online

By Nitish Singh / June 13, 2018

Amazon introduced Alexa Blueprints earlier this year for its range of Echo devices and other Alexa-enabled smart devices. The feature allowed users to create custom commands for Amazon’s virtual voice assistant Alexa which can be triggered using voice commands. A range of default templates is already on offer by Amazon to help users get started with basic commands that they are likely to use.

The Blueprints commands can be used for a wide range of tasks that integrate messaging, calling, emails, social media, controlling smart devices or searching the internet for information. Starting today, users will now be able to share their custom Blueprints online with others. You can also download any number of user-submitted Blueprints to try out for yourself.

Amazon Alexa Blueprints

Image Courtesy of Amazon

The feature can be quite handy for study groups for using custom flashcards or for users who have multiple Alexa devices at home and want the same Blueprints across all devices. While Blueprints can be a highly practical feature, it can also be used to create fun questions and answers for giggles or for custom trivia games. While the feature has not been adopted by most Alexa users, it is a great feature that can come in handy for users looking for a highly customized virtual assistant experience.

Amazon offers an easy-to-use graphical interface after on the Blueprints creation page. Once you complete a Blueprint, you can send it to your Alexa device or share it with the community. The share feature does not publish Blueprints into the Amazon Alexa Skills store and is restricted to the community templates page only. Amazon wants users to collaborate and create fun and interesting Blueprints for the community. There are hundreds of templates that offer solutions for niche categories like specific TV shows or sports teams.

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