Amazon Introduces Security Panel Controller API for Alexa

By Nitish Singh / December 17, 2018

Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa received a number of upgrades in 2018, and we now have what might be its most important update yet. A new Security Panel Controller API was introduced by Amazon that offers tight integration between the company’s smart assistant and home security devices.

Users can implement the new API to gain control over their security devices using voice commands. You can arm your security devices or disarm them remotely. You can also configure a number of profiles like home, away and night. The new features are available to US users only via select security system providers.

ADT, Ring, Honeywell Home, Abode, and Scout Alarm are currently offering security systems that take advantage of the new Alexa API, and we can expect more manufacturers to adopt it soon. Amazon offered no insight on when we can expect the new API to be available outside the US in its announcement.

Users can take advantage of custom voice commands using Alexa Skills to configure commands. Amazon briefly explained how to use the new API using voice commands stating “Customer utterances that support Arm are, “Alexa, arm <device name> in <mode type> mode,” and “Alexa, arm.” If a customer doesn’t specify a mode, the default arming mode is stay mode (a.k.a. home mode). Customer utterances that support Disarm are “Alexa, disarm <device name>,” and “Alexa, disarm.”

A documentation guide is available for users who want to get started with the API and create their own custom voice commands. Security panel settings are accessible from the Amazon Alexa app, and if your security system offers 4-digit pin authentication, you can set it up for the voice assistant as well using voice codes.

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