Millions of Adidas Customers From The US Affected by Data Breach

  • Adidas revealed that their US website was affected by a data breach on June 26 which has impacted millions of users.
  • The website concluded after an investigation that the information stolen includes usernames, passwords and contact details.
  • Despite the data breach, Adidas stock prices went up by 2% today, and analysts have predicted the prices to go up even further.

Popular sportswear company Adidas revealed that the company was affected by a data breach earlier this week. Hackers stole information from millions of users’ information that includes usernames, passwords, and contact information.

Adidas revealed that the data breach occurred on June 26 with an unauthorized party managed to acquire information on millions of sportswear brand’s customers from the US website. The company revealed that no credit card information or fitness data collected from the company’s fitness apps or smart devices were stolen. Users of the Adidas US page should change the login information of their accounts to prevent account misuse. Adidas has already sent out emails to its users informing them about the data breach.

Law enforcement firms and security companies are working with Adidas to identify the source of the breach and fully assess the extent of the stolen information. While the company did not reveal the exact number of users that have been affected by the breach, news outlets report the number to be a few million from the United States. Despite the recent data breach, Adidas continues to perform well in the stock market with prices going up by 2% today and continuing to rise throughout the day.

Adidas is not the first sports brand to be affected by a data breach this year with the competitor ‘Under Armour’ claiming data of over 150 million users of the MyFitnessPal app was stolen in March. Around 5% of Ticketmaster’s userbase was also affected very recently by a data breach. 5% of the online ticketing company’s user base is said to be affected through a JavaScript exploit that was injected into their payment’s page. Genealogy company MyHeritage had data of 92 Million users swiped by an attacker earlier this month.

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