ACE Seized the Last “The Players Klub” Pirate IPTV Domain

By Bill Toulas / September 8, 2020

Popular IPTV service “The Players Klub” (TPK) has had its most recent domains (Game Masters) seized by ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment), so the service and all of its online portals are now essentially gone. This is only the last chapter in a lengthy turbulence period that had the service change its branding, release confusing statements, and generally operate in a totally unreliable way.

The only certainty is that ACE and the MPA (Motion Pictures Association) are currently in control of “TPK,” “TopDog,” and “Game Masters” domains, which were alternative places for accessing the troubled IPTV platform.

The Players Klub appeared years ago with a VoD package that had a low-cost subscription tier, set at just $5 per month. With popularity came price hikes and the first legal troubles. Last year, TPK was taken over by someone from within the original team, so they hopped to the “TopDog” branding and domain. This was later changed to “Game Masters,” with the reasons this time being mainly legal trouble. Soon after establishing a new branding, the service became unreliable, so the userbase waned each time.

The detail that worries the users of these services is the timing of the seizure, which remains foggy. If ACE and MPA took control of TopDog and Game Masters domains while the platform was operational, they could have gathered the identification details of the subscribers. The same applies to the short-lived MintPanel domains, which weren’t trusted by a large number of users anyway.

According to a Reddit thread where people discussed the reliability of Game Masters, payments seemed to go in a dark hole, as no services were provided. This was reported about three months ago, and it could mean that ACE had already made its move or that the platform operators were simply stealing the last deposits, realizing the days of that domain, too, were numbered. Customer service was also unresponsive, and their Discord channel was removed a few days before the portal was taken down for good.

As the situation stands today, the seized domains serve visitors the typical ACE warning and redirect them to “alliance4creativity.com.” If you were a subscriber to the Game Masters platform, maybe it’s time for you to finally look at one of the legal offerings and pick something close to your liking. Trusting pirate IPTVs is naive, and losing your subscription money is the least that can happen.

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