51 new emoji may hit this year 2017

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated September 24, 2021

Recently Emojipedia created the mock-up style emojis in Apple style.

The Unicode consortium reveals 51 new emoji for version 10.0 of the Unicode due out next June, including a vampire, mermaid, breastfeeding woman, and woman in a hijab. The consortium will decides which character and emojis to be selected for the next release.

Unicode consortium is made up of 100 individuals as well as the top leading companies like Apple, Google, Oracle, and IBM that will use the Unicode as a character encoding standard.

The new emoji appear to be funny and some character which totally new to your keyboard display including a girl in a hijab, breastfeeding mother and several faces no gender is specified.

A grinning smiley face with star eyes, monocle face, a vomiting face and a face so shocked with an exploding head are also among expression being considered this year. A number of new emojis have been proposed, which represents the food – broccoli, coconut, pie, pretzel, and a sandwich.

Unicode provided the hijab emojis proposed by a group includes Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and also a Muslim girl will be the first depiction of a Muslim woman emojis.

Fairy, vampire, mermaid, genie, elf ad Zombie are the mythical creature are also present in the new proposals. Our favorite personals have to be included are T-Rex and a sauropod, two different little dinos are added. Emojis like the men and women in the sauna, orange heart are also shortlisted.

According to the emoji subcommittee member and Emojipedia CEO Jeremy, reveals that emojis did not make the cut this year include an almond, leafy greens, a face with the lightbulb and a face banging against a wall.

Finger itch proposals for a billed cap, a coat, scarves, gloves and socks, all are winter clothes.

The Unicode consortium once approved the Emojis in May 2017 and then the final release will be June 30.

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