These Are the 21 Android Apps You Need to Remove Right Now

By Bill Toulas / October 27, 2020

Google has ousted 21 apps from the Play Store, following Avast’s report that identified them as adware. More specifically, the 21 Android apps with a total download count that surpasses eight million come with the “HiddenAds” malware. This piece of malicious software can serve intrusive ads outside of the app responsible, creating confusion for the users regarding the source of the problem.

The 21 apps that were identified and removed are the following:

If you already had one of these apps installed on your device, deleting it may not be enough to uproot the malware. You should also pick up an AV/AM tool from a reputable vendor and run a full system scan to be sure that the payloads are gone for good.

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Most of these adware apps are games, so they could be the ideal bait for underage users or kids using their parents’ smartphones. You could see this as a chance to talk to your children about app download safety, and explain the dangers that lurk even on the official software distribution channels.

Not anything that you find on the Play Store can be blindly trusted. Instead, you should carefully read a number of user reviews, check the developer’s details, visit their website, and try to find contact details.

If you choose to proceed with the app’s installation, treat the permission requests carefully, and only allow what makes sense for the type of the app. Remember, some malware apps ask for a single powerful permission and proceed to grant the rest to themselves automatically, so treat prompt screens with care.

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