malware mining blockchain

New Mac Malware Steals Browser Cookies Targeting Crypto Exchanges

A new malware that combines data exfiltration and local mining is out and targeting Mac platforms. The malware copies and uploads Chrome and Safari browser cookies that contain credential information. On...
cisco job posting

Fake Cisco Korea Job Posting Targets Organization Infrastructure with Malware

Cisco warns that a job description document that is circulated from legitimate websites is a malware bomb dropper. The attackers target organizations and companies of crucial importance, getting their hands onto highly...
Security Researchers Report Spike in FormBook Malware

Security Researchers Report Spike in FormBook Malware

Security researchers from Deep Instinct have reported a spurt in FormBook and other trojan activity in recent times. The FormBook malware is being heavily distributed using file hosting website DropMyBin. The...
ursnif macros

A New Malware Campaign Delivers Ursnif Via a Word Document

Ursnif malware strikes again, and this time it is distributed through a malicious MS Word document. Cisco Talos is warning that the malware is operating quite effectively and efficiently, running a series...
stop ransomware

STOP Ransomware Finds New Infection Channels Through Software Cracks

A new variant of the STOP ransomware is out on the hunt for victims, hitting new distribution highs. The infections find their way to the victims’ machines through popular software cracks. ...

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