No Limits Magic Kodi Build

No limits Magic Kodi build, as its name suggests, is an unlimited charming magic. We have so much faith in its capabilities that we’ve featured this build on our Top Kodi Builds list (go through the article to discover more builds similar to No Limits Magic).

This build uses Aeon Nox 5: Silvo skin, which by far is the cleanest and the most organized interface we’ve experienced in any of the Kodi build we’ve tested this year. Here in this installation guide, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to install No Limits Magic build on your Kodi device. Let’s begin.

Disclaimer: We will be talking about software developed for Kodi – which is based on open-source code. However, the following software comes from unofficial third-parties. In addition, it is publicly available and free of charge. TechNadu doesn’t claim any responsibility for how our readers decide to utilize the following software. Please note that we don’t condone sharing pirated content and copyright infringement. TechNadu is not affiliated with the software mentioned in this article in no way. Make sure to carefully read the above-said disclaimer and ensure the proper use of the software.

WARNING: Before You Continue…

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No Limits Magic Kodi Build: The Basics

Since its first launch, many aspects of No Limits Magic Kodi Build has changed. This build has been revamped time and time again and always for the better. Last year, its popularity among the Kodi community had slowed its servers. To solve the problem, developers distributed it through another media source – Echo wizard, but due to Echo’s unfortunate downfall this year, No Limits Magic is back to its original media source – No Limits Wizard.

No limits Magic Wizard is currently the best source from which you can install this build.

How to Install the No Limits Magic Kodi Build?

The No Limits Magic wizard has several builds from which you can pick your desirable version and the size. It has one separate build especially coded for firesticks–lightweight and reliable. It’s one of the most popular builds available on the platform, and even though a lot has changed in the build, it still serves us with high-quality digital content from various popular sources.

Without any delay, let’s get on with the procedure and install this unlimited fun source, but before that, an imperative pre-requisite.

Important Note

Kodi’s platform, for the safety purposes, doesn’t allow installations from the third-party builds/add-ons. By default, Kodi is set to gate any build that’s from an ‘unknown source’. For installing No Limits Magic Kodi build, we need to enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ from the system setting.

If you’ve previously installed any build or add-ons, the chances are this setting is already enabled. If not, you can refer our quick guide to enable the third-party installations.

Let’s go through the installations procedure.

Installation Guide

  • Launch Kodi on your streaming device and locate a gear icon at the top left of the home screen.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Navigate to File Manager and click on it.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Now, select Add Source from the list.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • A pop-up will emerge, locate <None>; in the Add File Source and click on it.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Copy the URL and paste it into the upper text field:

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Rename media source to No Limit and click on it.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Return to the home screen and select Add-ons on the left menu panel.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Locate the Package Icon at the top left of the screen.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Select Install from zip File from the list.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Navigate to No Limit from the list on the pop-up.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Select

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Wait for a Pop-up notification at the top right of the screen.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Return to the home screen and select Add-ons. Now, hover over Programs Add-ons to find No Limits Wizard.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Select No Limits Magic (No XXX Section) from either of the servers. Here we’re choosing server 1.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

  • Click on Install and wait until it downloads.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed No Limits Magic Kodi build. Restart Kodi on your device to use the build.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build: What to Expect?

No Limits Magic Kodi Build is a beast and has a collection of some of the latest and the best video add-ons on the platform. The list includes Elysium, Quantum, Covenant, Stream Army, UK Turk Playlists, Bennu, BOB Unleashed and many more.

No Limits Magic Kodi Build

Let’s quickly run through its categories;


It features the top charts of both US and UK. You can search for music with more filters than one and with its smooth experience, you can enjoy the streaming like an old jazz song.


There is a huge variety of movies that you can search and sort in different ways. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. And, even if you aren’t looking—you’ll still find something worthy of your time.

TV Shows

A huge catalog of top-rated movies on a clean-organized interface is what defines this category. It has plenty of information on different series, and the best part is, all the seasons and episodes are at the same place.

Live TV

This category has popular TV channels from UK and US, which are spread out in easy to navigate interface. Live TV has never been this easier to scroll.


Access archived highlights of sports of your liking and spice them with live scores. It’s a comfortable resource for any sports fan.

Additional Resources: What’s Next?

At Technadu, we believe that good things only spread if you hint It towards other people. So, apart from No Limits Magic Kodi Build, here are our top recommendations for some of the best Kodi builds.

  • Kryptikz ZT Kodi Build: This build has been recently migrated from the previous version of Kodi to the latest one, and it’s undoubtedly a beast. It has a new set of entertainment, and a must check out an item in the list.
  • Duggz Kodi Build: This build is a functional but a lightweight companion, which will look after you like a good mother. And like your mother, it’ll give you several premium things for free.
  • Misfit Mod Lite Kodi Build: It’s a huge collection, and it happily justifies its size. It packs a huge list of popular add-ons and at the same time, feels great.

Final Words

No Limits Magic Kodi Build justifies its name that secretly claims its unlimited entertainment tag, and after testing it, we’re happy to let it stay with the tag. It indeed is a source for unlimited entertainment, one of the best we’ve tested in these recent times.

A highly recommended build!

And like always, thank you for reading.

If you’re facing a conflict during the installation process, let us know in the comment section. Also, tell us your favorite thing about this build.

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