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Update: Unfortunately, Midian has been having server-related issues in the past couple of months. Therefore, we no longer recommend installing this addon. To check out some alternatives, we have an often-updated article on the best Kodi addons, so check it out.

In this article, we will be talking about a very interesting addon named Midian. The recent shakeup in the world of Kodi addons has left us searching for powerful all-in-one addons. That is how we stumbled upon Midian. This addon brings pretty much everything you expect to find from a powerful addon that scrapes the Web for streaming sources. So, if you’re a fan of movies, documentaries, live webcams, and music – keep on reading. We’ll tell you how to install the Midian Kodi addon.

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Everything You Need To Know About Midian Kodi Addon in 2019

After a brief period of being offline, Midian is finally back. It now comes with a slightly exchanged home screen, a couple of new categories, and plenty of new content overall. You can rely on this addon to watch movies, TV shows, cartoons, sports, anime, and there’s plenty of live streaming options as well. All in all, this is easily one of the best Kodi addons right now.

To install Midian, you first need to access its Web-based repository. This is where you’ll find a few additional addons, so we recommend you to try these as well. Don’t worry, we’ll take you through every step of the way. We know that many of you are encountering Kodi for the first time, so we’ll go in-depth.

Important Note: Before installing third-party addons, you need to make sure that your Kodi works with those types of files. By default, you can only install official addons for Kodi. However, enabling support for unofficial addons is easy. All you need is to make sure that Kodi accepts files from unknown sources. In case you don’t enable that, you will have a hard time installing Midian.

Here’s our helpful guide on how to enable unknown sources. Make sure to read it before you continue following this installation guide.

12 Steps to Install Midian Addon on Kodi

Finally, let’s see how to install the Midian Kodi addon. We’ll begin by adding a new file source to Kodi and installing the respective repository. Let’s jump right in.

  • Launch Kodi and then click on the Gear icon (top-left corner of the screen);

Midian Kodi Addon - Gear Icon
  • Click on the button that says ‘File Manager’;

Midian Kodi Addon - Settings
  • On the left side of the screen, double-click on ‘Add Source’ and a pop-up will appear;

Midian Kodi Addon - Add Source Popup
  • When you click on ‘<None>’, Kodi will ask you to enter a new URL. So, go ahead with the following one: https://www.midian.appboxes.co/repo/. This is the repository that contains Midian. Click ‘OK’;

Midian Repo URL
  • Next, provide a name. You can go with ‘Midian Repo’. Click ‘OK’ to dismiss the pop-up;
  • Return to Kodi’s home screen by pressing the backspace button. Then, click on ‘Add-ons’ in the main menu;
  • Click on the Open box icon, in the top-left corner of the screen;

Midian Kodi Addon - Open Box Icon
  • Select ‘Install from ZIP file’ and you’ll see another pop-up;

Midian Kodi Addon - Install From ZIP File
  • Using the pop-up, open the Wolfpack Crew file source. In there, you will find a file named ‘repository. wherethemosterslive.zip’. Click on the ZIP file and wait a few moments until the repository is installed;

Midian Kodi Addon - WTML Repository
  • Now select ‘Install from Repository’;

Midian Kodi Addon - Install from Repository
  • Navigate to Where The Monsters Live Repository > Video Add-ons > Midian. Click on the addon’s name to see its installation screen;

Midian Kodi Addon - New Icon
  • Hit the ‘Install’ button and wait until Midian is finally installed;
  • That’s it! Return to the Add-ons section, where the Midian Kodi addon will be waiting for you. Open the addon and enjoy!

What to Expect from Midian Addon?

In short, you can expect a lot of fully-working content. This is still a new addon, so it’s receiving regular updates. For example, it managed to bring a whole new sports section a few weeks ago. Let’s take a look at the content categories present on Midian’s home screen.

  • News and Updates: The first entry on the list provides a glimpse of what’s new. As you’ll see here, Midian is receiving regular updates – every few days;
  • 24/7 Web Cams: As expected, this is where you can check out live cam feeds from all over the world. There are more than 250 feeds at the moment. Not all work but most of them do.

Midian Homescreen
  • Actor/Actress of The Month: Every month, Midian brings a selection of great movies based on currently popular actors and actresses. For the current month, you will find movies starring Edward Norton, as well as Angelina Jolie;
  • At The Gym: This is a place to check out workout routines. At the moment, this category seems to be having some issues. Sometimes, you’ll see more than 20 different sub-categories. However, it can be able empty at times;
  • Classic Sports: This recently-introduced category brings more than 20 sports disciplines. It includes baseball, basketball, football, boxing, wrestling, tennis, golf, and pretty much everything else. All of these sub-categories are filled with content;

Midian Sports Section
  • Documentaries for $2000, Alex: It brings a strange name, but this is where you can watch documentaries. It’s also one of the most content-rich categories of Midian. With over 50 sub-categories, there are hundreds of fully-working titles;
  • Faith Live: If you’re a religious person, this is where you’ll find lots of interesting stuff. The Midian Kodi addon is one of the few addons that bring live feeds of TV channels dedicated to different religions;
  • Fluxus TV: Aside from hundreds of live TV channels, this is where you’ll find 24/7 streams of popular cartoons, movies, and TV shows. With over 1,800 live-streams, you will have to do some manual search since not all are working;
  • Helping Hands: This entire content category is dedicated to mental health and different kinds of disorders. It collects videos from all around the Web, from YouTube to TED;
  • Holiday Club: Few times a year, this is where you’ll see content related to different holidays;
  • Humor Me: If you’re craving for comedies of stand-up specials, here’s something for you. There are 80 files ready to be streamed, so there’s a lot to choose from;

Midian Movies
  • Movie Time: As you can guess, here’s where you’ll find movies. You can use the search tool to find something specific, or simply browse available categories and topics. The addon is doing a good job of creating an organized movie library;
  • Odds & Ends: An assorted collection of videos await here, everything from videos about dog training, cooking tutorials, up to virtual reality videos;
  • The Music Box: Aside from music files and YouTube videos, this section brings concert recordings and karaoke music;
  • TOT Spot: If you have kids, this is where you’ll find suitable entertainment. Midian categorizes cartoons by different genres, topics, and animation studios so you’ll easily find something interesting;
  • TV Time: Finally, we’ve come to the last item. This is where you can watch TV shows based on a different set of filtering criteria.

We hope that you managed to install the Midian Kodi addon 2019. If you’re facing any issues, don’t hesitate to post a comment below. We will try to answer as soon as possible.

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