CyberGhost VPN Service Not Reachable on Android? – Try These 6 Troubleshooting Tips!

Even though today’s VPNs are highly polished applications, it’s not unusual to encounter an error from time to time. However, the most frustrating errors are those without an associated code(s), just like CyberGhost’s ‘Service Not Reachable’ error, known to happen on Android. With that said, know that we’re here to offer 6 troubleshooting tips on fixing the CyberGhost VPN ‘Service Not Reachable’ error on Android, which you’ll find just below.

1. Does Your Web Connection Work Properly? 

First and foremost, we recommend checking whether your Web connection works the way it should. CyberGhost VPN might not be reachable on your Android device if your underlying Internet connection has a problem.

With that said, we recommend closing the CyberGhost VPN app on your Android device. Then, use any Web browser to visit any website. Alternatively, you can do a speed test of your connection and see whether there’s any problem sending or receiving data. 

If everything works smoothly, that means CyberGhost VPN is probably to blame. However, if you find that your Internet connection is struggling to keep alive, we first recommend restarting your router. If that doesn’t help, you need to contact your ISP. 

2. Restart Your Android Device

Quite often, something as simple as restarting your device can solve many technical issues. That especially applies to Android, which comes with many system services that work independently. By restarting your device, you restart all those services as well. 

Considering that Android comes in many different flavors and is available on an extensive set of devices, we can’t give you precise instructions on restarting your Android device. In case you haven’t done that before, it’s best to do a Google search based on the exact model of your smartphone or tablet. 

3. Reinstall CyberGhost’s Android App

Then, you can try reinstalling CyberGhost VPN on your Android device. In this specific case, we’re talking about removing the app first. That means you need to tap and hold the VPN’s icon and then pick the option to delete the app.

Once you remove CyberGhost VPN, head over to Google’s Play Store and re-download it. The quickest way would be to use Play Store’s top-placed search bar to look up CyberGhost VPN, launch the app’s overview, and download it from there.

Finally, log in to your account and try connecting to any server. However, if you’re still seeing the CyberGhost VPN ‘Service Not Reachable’ error, it’s time to take a closer look at both your device’s and CyberGhost’s settings, as described below.

4. Disable the Battery Saving Mode

Newer versions of Android come with more aggressive battery optimizations, which typically run in the background and without much input needed. With that said, battery-saving features are known to cause issues with VPNs and cyber-security software on Android. So, the solution to the issue you’re experiencing would be to disable battery saving.

We already talked about this troubleshooting step in our guide on how to prevent your VPN from disabling on Android. With that said, use the provided link and scroll a bit down until you get to the section that talks about disabling Android’s battery-saving features.

5. Switch Between TCP & UDP Protocols

In case you didn’t know, VPN protocols are in charge of handling your Web data and setting up a certain level of VPN encryption. With that said, know that CyberGhost VPN on Android relies primarily on the OpenVPN protocol, which has two versions.

So, if you’re seeing the CyberGhost VPN ‘Service Not Reachable’ error, you might want to change this VPN’s protocol. That is done by tapping on the gear icon (on CyberGhost’s home page, in the top-right corner). Depending on your device, you might see an option to switch to a new VPN protocol altogether or simply use the ‘Use TCP’ option (letting you switch between OpenVPN TCP and UDP protocols).

6. Reset Your Device’s Network Settings

As a final solution, we recommend resetting your Android device’s network settings. Keep in mind that doing so might delete your saved Wi-Fi passwords and other connection details. Here’s what precisely you need to do.

  • Launch the Settings app on your Android device. 
  • Then, navigate to ‘System’ or ‘General Management.’
  • Pick ‘Reset’ or ‘Reset Options.’
  • Go with ‘Reset Network Settings.’
  • When asked to confirm your decision, make sure to do so. 
  • Once done, your device will restart. If that doesn’t happen, restart it manually. 


Your search for a possible solution doesn’t have to end here. With that said, we recommend checking our central VPN troubleshooting guide. And in case you also see an error code, you’ll want to check our list of the most common VPN error codes and how to fix them

Of course, we also recommend contacting CyberGhost VPN directly. They have a very helpful customer support system, which includes a live chat option via their website. So, make sure to explain your problem and ask for a possible solution. 

That would be all on how to troubleshoot the CyberGhost VPN ‘Service Not Reachable’ error on Android. If you have any questions, let us know via the comments section below. And finally, thanks for reading!



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