Best Kodi Builds (December 2017) – Fully Working & Updated

Best Kodi Builds -Featured

As you probably know, Kodi is a highly-capable software that allows you to enjoy movies and TV shows in two different ways. You can import and locally store your media collection that includes movies, TV shows, music, as well as personal video clips and photos. However, you can also turn Kodi into the ultimate streaming center. This can be done by using addons, as well as builds. This is why we’re about to show you the very best Kodi builds for November 2017. 

Lucky for you, there are dozens of highly-capable builds. Some of them are more specialized than others, so it’s always a good idea to do some research before trying them out. If you continue reading, you will get to learn about fully-working and fully-updated Kodi builds. These will also contain fully-working addons, so you don’t have to install them manually. Without further ado, let’s jump to our list of the best Kodi builds.

Disclaimer: We will be discussing software developed for Kodi – which is based on open-source code. However, the following software comes from unofficial third-parties. In addition, it is publicly available and free of charge. TechNadu doesn’t claim any responsibility for how our readers decide to utilize the following software. Please note that we don’t condone sharing pirated content and copyright infringement. TechNadu is not affiliated with the software mentioned in this article in no way. Make sure to carefully read the above-said disclaimer and ensure the proper use of the software.

WARNING: Before You Continue…

TechNadu recommends connecting to the Web using a VPN application. The majority of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are able of tracking your Web browsing habits and collecting information. This kind of personal data can be forwarded to government agencies or sold to marketing companies. One of the consequences of these actions can be copyright infringement notices that some users of Kodi reported receiving. The only way to stop this from happening is to use a VPN.

  • VPN applications encrypt your Internet connection. As such, your personal data stays hidden and inaccessible by your Internet Service Provider.
  • VPN applications guard your online anonymity. Websites often use cookies to track your browsing habits. By altering your IP address, VPNs preserve your anonymity no matter if you visit websites or use Kodi to stream media.
  • VPNs unlock restricted content. Using this kind of application, your computer will receive a new IP address that points to an entirely different physical location. This is how you can watch region-restricted movies and TV shows.
  • VPNs can improve your Internet connectivity. A reliable VPN application can de-block throttled connections and achieve better overall performance.

Best Kodi Builds - VPN

Based on our experience, TechNadu would like to recommend IPVanish. This has been our VPN of choice for a long time, making us happy with its features and performance. IPVanish is capable of keeping your connection highly secure. It can also be used to watch region-restricted movies and TV shows. Finally, this application doesn’t affect Internet connection speeds. On top of that, it’s very affordable.

Sign up for IPVanish and try it out for yourself.

Best Kodi Builds – December Top Picks!

First, we’d like to show you our favorite builds. We feel that you’re going to like them as much as we did, which is why we have decided to give them a special section of this article. Here, we have three different Kodi builds named Misfit Mods Lite and Kryptikz ZT.

Misfit Mods Lite

Do you want to stream Live TV, sports, movies, TV shows, and music? Then, the Misfit Mods Lite Build is the best choice for you. It has tons of video streams and multiple sub-categories in each section. It covers an incredibly wide selection of content – which is why this is one of the best Kodi builds (at least when it comes to all-in-one options).

For example, under Live TV section, you have addons like Dhamka TV, eDoctor IPTV, Geo Streamz, Mega IPTV, Mobdro, Pak India Sports, Snappy Streams, Swift Streams, and UKTV Now. Thanks to this selection of Live TV addons for Kodi, you can watch Sky Sports, BBC, FOX, Showtime, Discovery, Animal Planet, and hundreds more. Rather than focusing on a single category, this build brings TV channels dedicated to news, sports, music, gaming, movies, documentaries, and more.

Best Kodi Builds -Misfit Mods

In the majority of cases, you will use addons like Made in Canada IPTVBoB UnleashedUK Turks PlaylistsElysiumCartoons8, StreamHubGoodfellas 2.0, and SkyNet. As you can see, this builds brings more than a dozen of different addons – in one package.

Install this build on Kodi by following the tutorial found below.

Misfit Mods Lite Installation Guide

  • Launch the Kodi device and head to Settings > File manager > Add source (double-click on it);
  • Using a newly opened pop-up, click on ‘<None>‘ and enter the following path for this media source: Click ‘OK‘.
  • After that, enter a name for the media source as ‘mmwiz‘ and click on the ‘OK‘ button;
  • Finally, select ‘OK‘ to add this source to your Kodi;
  • Now, head to Kodi’s home screen and select Add-ons > Package Icon (top-left corner) > Install from zip file > mmwiz >;
  • Wait until you see a notification that the repository has been installed;
  • Now head to Install from repository > Misfit Mods: Repository > Program Add-on > Misfit Mods Wizard > Install.
  • You can find the newly installed addon by going to the Add-ons section of Kodi, and then click on ‘Program Add-ons’ in the main menu;
  • From here, head to (Misfit Mods) Builds >  Misfit Mods Lite (v3.6) (Under Krypton Builds) > (Misfit Mods) Fresh Install;
  • Now, select ‘Yes, Install‘;
  • Finally, shut down Kodi and open it again. You will be greeted by the newly installed build.

Kryptikz ZT

Kryptikz ZT is available for download through the TeamZT Wizard. You can explore video streams and categories like Movies, My Lists, Recent, Explore, Doc Zone, Sports, Cartoons, System, and TV Shows from the main menu. Like other builds, it comes with a wide range of up-to-date addons. It is also worth knowing that you can find ChineseBollywood, and Tamil addons contained within this build. Continue reading to learn how to install one of the best Kodi builds currently available.

Best Kodi Builds -Kryptik ZT

Kryptikz ZT Installation Guide

  • Open Kodi from your device and head to gear icon at the top of the screen (from Kodi home screen) > File manager > Add source;
  • Using the newly opened pop-up, click on ‘<None> to enter the media source path as and name it as ‘teamzt‘. After finalizing, click OK‘;
  • Now go to Kodi’s home screen and head to ‘Add-ons and click on the Package icon in the top-left corner;
  • Select ‘Install from zip file‘. Navigate to ‘teamzt‘ and there you’ll find a file named ‘‘. Click to install it.
  • Once you install this zip file, you will receive a notification in the top-right corner of your screen;
  • After that, select Install from repository > Zero Tolerance Repository > Program add-ons > ZT – The Wizard.
  • Once installed successfully, you’ll get notified on the screen. If you see a pop-up, feel free to dismiss it by pressing the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard.
  • Then, navigate to Add-ons section from the home screen and select Program Add-ons. Here, you can search for a name “ZT – The Wizard” and click on it.
  • On the new window screen, scroll down to Builds > ‘Kryptikz ZT Edition Krypton and choose Fresh Install‘.
  • You are done.

The Best Kodi Builds: Alternatives


CellarDoorTV is a free and open-source Kodi Build created by programmers just for fun. A new update from the CellarDoorTV team makes this build a bit more animated than before. It resembles Ubuntu Linux when you enable all of the animations that are currently present.

Best Kodi Builds -CellarDoor TV

Inside this build, we have an awesome video add-ons like Bob Unleashed, Elysium, and SkyNet. All of these are highly-capable addons that bring lots of different content.

Follow this guide to install CellarDoorTV to your Kodi:

  • Launch Kodi and go to Settings using the gear icon in the top-left corner;
  • Now go to File Manager > Add Source;
  • Double click on ‘<None>‘ and paste the following URL: Provide a name (‘CellarDoor‘) and hit ‘OK‘;
  • Return to Kodi’s home screen and go to Add-ons. Now use the open box icon in the top-left;
  • Pick ‘Install from ZIP file‘. Now navigate to ‘CellarDoor‘ and in there you’ll find a single ZIP file named ‘‘. Click to install it;
  • Return to the Add-ons section. Pick ‘Program Add-ons‘ from the main menu;
  • This is where you’ll find the CellarDoorTV Wizard. Launch it;
  • From the main menu of the addon, pick ‘CDTV: Builds‘. This is where you’ll find available builds. Click on any of them and then pick ‘Fresh Install‘.
  • Once you restart Kodi, this build will activate.

Fire TV Guru Build

If you need to install Kodi on your Amazon Fire Stick, then the Fire TV build seems like a natural choice. This build was developed by the FireTVGuru website.

The Fire TV Guru build is specially made for Amazon’s streaming devices. It is small in size and performs without any issues. In practice, this builds works the best on the affordable Fire TV Stick.  In case you face any issues during the installation, then you may get tips, tricks and much more from the FireTVGuru Facebook group.

Best Kodi Builds -FireGuru TV

Here’s how to try out Fire TV Guru, one of the best Kodi builds:

  • Open Kodi and go to Settings > File Manager > Add Source;
  • Double click on ‘<None>‘ and paste this URL:;
  • Provide a name – ‘Fire TV Guru‘ and hit ‘OK‘ to add this source to Kodi;
  • Return to the home screen. Now go to Add-ons and then use the open box icon in the top-left corner;
  • Pick ‘Install from ZIP file‘;
  • Navigate to Fire TV Guru and click on a file named ‘‘. Wait for the installation to end;
  • Now pick ‘Install from repository‘. Go to Fire TV Guru Repo > Program Add-ons > Fire TV Wizard > Install. If you see a pop-up, feel free to dismiss it;
  • Return to the addons section and pick ‘Program Add-ons‘ from the main menu. This is where you’ll find the Fire TV Wizard. Click to open it;
  • Open the Builds folder and then pick the build you’d like to install. You can choose from the standard and ‘Lite’ build. Click on any of these entries and then pick ‘Fresh Start then Install‘.
  • Once the process is done, restart Kodi.

No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Build is an amazing build for Kodi that could be praised for many for its capabilities. It is one of the most comprehensive builds that pretty much everything. In addition, it utilizes the Aeon Nox 5 Silvo Skin which provides a futuristic appearance.

Best Kodi Builds -No Limits Magic

The build is updated quite frequently, where old and non-working addons are replaced by the fully-working ones. It includes all the popular add-ons as well as their alternatives. Since Exodus doesn’t work anymore, you will find Specto for example. There are separate sections for movies, TV shows, Live TV and a lot more.

Learn how to install the No Limits Magic build.

Titanium Build

One of the best Kodi 17 Krypton builds is the Titanium build that has been recently launched. There are movies, Live TV, Live sports and a lot more. Titanium includes many well-known addons like SALTS, Tevee, Velocity, Stream Hub, Royal We, Goodfellas, Echo Streams, Gobble, cCloud, Project Cypher, Maverick TV, and so on. The build is one among the best-performing ones, which means that you can install it on devices that don’t have high specs.

Best Kodi Builds -Titanium

Learn more about the Titanium Build as well as how to install it on your Kodi.

Maverick Build

If you’re looking for a quick way to install numerous useful addons, this build might be for you. The Maverick build has some of the well-known addons that are organized by a number of specific categories. It offers everything right from classic movies and cartoons to paid subscription services and live sports programming.

Best Kodi Builds - Maverick Build

Here’s a quick guide to installing the Maverick Build found within the Wookie Wizard addon:

  • Open Kodi and go to Settings > File Manager > Add Source;
  • Now double-click on ‘<None>‘ and you’ll be asked to enter a path. Use this URL: Select ‘Done‘;
  • Name your new source ‘Wookie‘ and click ‘OK‘;
  • Go back to the home screen. Now select Add-ons and click on the open box icon in the top-left part of the screen;
  • Pick ‘Install from ZIP file‘. Navigate to Wookie and pick the file named ‘Click Me – Succumb to the‘;
  • Wait until this addon is installed. Once that happens, return to the home screen of Kodi;
  • Now go to Add-ons and pick ‘Program Add-ons‘ from the main menu. Launch the Wookie Wizard;
  • Pick ‘Community Builds‘ and select the Maverick build – Krypton. Hit the ‘Install‘ button;
  • Once the installation is done, restart Kodi. That’s it!

Wookie Lite Build

Wookie has developed a number of highly-capable builds for Kodi. The Wookie Lite, as its name says, is designed to be small in size. It is an amazing build that comes at around 170 MB. As you can see, it supports a wide range of hardware as well. It performs excellently on various hardware platforms right from the Fire Stick to a desktop computer. Even though it’s small in size, it packs a number of popular addons like Bennu, Covenant, and Exodus.

Best Kodi Builds -Wookie Lite

Learn how to install Wookie Lite Build on Kodi

The Official Wookie Build

It is interesting to note that Wookie offers a range of official and community builds. The official Wookie build comes from the creator of the Wookie Wizard – which is a tool that can be used to install builds and addons.

Best Kodi Builds -Wookie

Its streams include Live TV/IPTV, Sports, Sports live, movies, TV shows, kids section, a section for adult content, and most interestingly – it has an exclusive music category as well. It also offers the required tools that help you to keep your system clean and fast in a more simplified and instinctive layout. There are two kinds of skins and they are The New Look Wookie and The Retro Wookie. Both of these are installed within the build already.

Spinz TV Build

Spinz TV build is a premium IPTV wizard for Kodi. It also could be considered as one among the best builds that were released in 2017. It includes all of the addons that are new and popular and has got loads of content in them.

Best Kodi Builds -SpinzTV

Learn how to install the Spinz TV Build to your Kodi:

  • While Kodi is open, go to Settings > File Manager > Add Source;
  • Double-click on ‘<None>‘ and then paste the following URL: Click ‘OK‘ and then give a name to your new source. Go with ‘Spinz TV‘ and hit ‘OK‘;
  • From Kodi’s home screen, open the Add-ons section. Click on the open box icon in the top-left corner;
  • Pick ‘Install from ZIP file‘. Navigate to ‘Spinz TV‘ and pick one of the files you’ll find here. Install the latest version of this repository;
  • Now pick ‘Instal from repository‘. Navigate to SpinzTV > Program Add-ons > SpinzTV Wizard > Install. The build will now download. Once that happens, you will see several pop-ups. Feel free to dismiss them;
  • Now open Add-ons > Program Add-ons > SpinzTV Wizard. When you open this addon, click on ‘Builds‘ and pick the SpinzTV build. In case you’re asked for a PIN, make sure to go through that procedure. Click anywhere within Kodi and select ‘Get PIN‘. You will need to go to, which should open automatically in your Web browser. This is where a PIN number will be shown, and you need to copy it to the SpinzTV Wizard.
  • Pick the build you’d like to install. As you’ll see, there are several SpinzTV builds – where the classic one is the SpinzTV ReBorn build. Once you click on a build’s name, pick ‘Fresh Install‘.

Kodi Revolution Build

In case you are searching for anything that is more advanced than your standard Kodi build, then you can very well opt for Revolution. This build is amazing, as it is designed based on a futuristic skin that brings highly polished graphics.

Best Kodi Builds -Revolution

Alike many Kodi builds, Revolution also offers all of the popular addons. As such, it can provide entertainment for your entire family. No matter if you’re looking to stream cartoons to Kodi, or if you want to enjoy in sports programming on your own, this build has got you covered. Learn how to install the Revolution build.

Spark Build

If you’re looking for something unorthodox, you will be interested in the Spark Build. The most prominent feature of this build is its nicely designed UI.

Best Kodi Builds -Spark

Upon installing the Spark Build, you will see that the left-placed main menu. It will be filled with simple and fairly large icons. This is where you can switch between the main categories of content, as sub-categories as well. In addition, this build comes with numerous customization options, so you can fine-tune its looks and create your own UI.

Follow these steps to install the Spark Build:

  • While Kodi is open, go to Settings > File Manager > Add Source;
  • Now double-click on ‘<None>‘. Paste the following URL: Hit ‘OK’;
  • Name your new source as ‘LentechTV‘ and confirm your decision;
  • Go back to the home screen and open ‘Add-ons‘ from the main menu. Click on the open box icon in the top-left corner;
  • Pick ‘Install from ZIP file‘ and navigate to LentechTV. Click on the file you’ll find in there;
  • Now go back to the Add-ons section and go to Program Add-ons. Launch the Spark Build Installer;
  • Now click on the entry that says ‘(LentechTV Build Installer) Builds‘. Then, pick ‘Fresh Install‘;
  • Once the build is installed, restart Kodi.

SchismTV Builds

This build is one of the most customizable ones. If you’re looking for a build whose appearance you can easily customize, look no further. SchismTV brings a wide range of options and an incredible selection of skins for Kodi. These can be changed from one to another by just switching the skin. Some of the available skins are Estuary, SchicM Anniversary Edition, SchisM Conq, SchisM Eminence, SchisM Estuary, SchisM Mimic and SchisM Origins.

Best Kodi Builds -SchismTV

We also shouldn’t forget about the content this build offers. It contains the best movie- and TV-addons like Exodus, Bennu, Salts, UK Turks, 1Channel and a lot more.

Here’s how to install the SchismTV Builds on Kodi:

  • While Kodi is open, go to Settings > File Manager > Add Source. Double-click on ‘<None>;’
  • Paste the following URL: Click ‘OK‘, provide a name (‘Dimitrology‘) and click ‘OK‘ once again;
  • Return to the home screen of Kodi. Go to Add-ons and click on the open box icon in the top-left corner;
  • Pick ‘Install from ZIP file‘;
  • Navigate to Dimitrology > ‘‘. Click to install this ZIP file;
  • Go back and select Dimitrology TV from the Program Add-ons section;
  • Now go to and copy the numeric code you’ll see there. Go back to Kodi, open Dimitrology TV and pick ‘Settings‘. Enter the numeric code;
  • Finally, click on ‘Install/Update‘. Pick the SchismTV All in One build. You’ll be asked whether you’d like to continue. If you’d like to save your current content, click on ‘Overwrite‘. For a fresh installation, click on ‘Full‘.
  • Wait for the installation to end. Once that happens, restartKodi and you should see the new build.

Duggz Build

We can say that the Duggz Build is one of the best Kodi builds since it tries to do thing a bit differently. It has bigger fonts and better spacing, suitable for larger screens. Similarly to the rest of the builds in this article, Duggz also has addons that contain different types of addons.

Best Kodi Builds -Duggz

It is interesting to note that you can choose from different Duggz builds. Once you manage to install Duggz Build on your Kodi, you will see the standard and ‘lite’ versions that are suitable for less capable devices.

Boom Shakalaka Build

The Boom Shakalaka build of Dimitrology is an exciting build that contains numerous fully-working addons. Some of these are Exodus, Bennu, and Oblivion Streams. As you can see, you can rely on this build to stream the latest movies and TV shows. However, that’s not all. This build comes with a dedicated sports section, as well as some niche content categories as well.

Best Kodi Builds -Boom Shakalaka

JayHawk Build

Jayhawk is yet another build that holds a position among the best Kodi builds. It brings everything you might need – from fully-working addons, up to niche addons that bring more specific types of content. In addition, it brings a nicely designed UI with the text that is legible on small and large screens as well. Here’s in-depth installation guide for the JayHawk.

Best Kodi Builds -JayHawkAdditional Resources

Before concluding this article, we’d like to provide you with additional resources. These can be used to learn more about Kodi – and to turn you into a power user. Let’s take a look at TechNadu offers:

  • First and foremost, there’s our Beginner’s Guide to Kodi. This is the ultimate source of helpful information if you’re just beginning to use Kodi;
  • Then, there’s the Ultimate Kodi Guide. This is where we’re talking about advanced tips and tricks;
  • Finally, we recommend our Kodi Troubleshooting Guide. If you’re facing technical issues or playback problems, this is where you might find a solution.
  • At the end, we’d like to recommend reading overviews of the best-working addons for Kodi. If you find a build that lacks your favorite addons, you can install it on your own.

Best Kodi Builds: Conclusion

We hope you managed to install some of the builds mentioned in this article. We did our best to bring you up-to-date guides and accurate descriptions. In case you’re having issues, don’t hesitate to let us know. Use the comments section below to talk to us.


  1. How are these the top builds when they don’t work… Is there any builds out there that actually works you know they load they pull stuff up you can watch them

  2. A note- Boom Shakalaka does NOT have Exodus. The creator of Exodus gave up and …someone else… is running it now. There are questions about the security of the new Exodus, so many builders, such as Dimitrology and his Boom Shakalaka build, are using Covenant. Covenant seems much better in my opinion.

    • Exodus is not longer available since its developer was forced to shut it down. The same applies to Covenant. Even though some Kodi users are still able to use Covenant, it seems like this application is reaching its end of life. We are sure that developers of Kodi builds will soon find viable alternatives. In the meantime, here is the list of the best addons at the moment:

  3. Hi guys. I’m looking for a good decent build that works on jarvis 16. Until I upgrade my android box. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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