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TechNadu is a great tool for reporting new world-changing technologies and publicizing innovative online services to a targeted public.

Content. Addressing your business needs, TechNadu can create and deliver a unique, top-quality custom content for innovators and help them to engage with the global technology community. TechNadu’s portfolio includes articles, news, advertorials, and tutorials with a promotional focus. We offer two types of cooperation options:

1. Editorial sponsorship. The editorial sponsorship content is funded by an advertiser. However, the publication itself is not influenced in any way by the advertiser. Our team produces, writes, and edits the editorial sponsorship content and brings it to the same standards as other TechNadu editorial content.

2. Branded Content. Branded content is funded, produced, and published in collaboration with the advertiser. Our teams help the advertiser to bring out the brand in a way that is compatible with TechNadu’s vision and also compelling to the audience.

Team. Our carefully selected team of writers creates informative, entertaining, and engaging content.

Platform. Our beautifully designed and user-friendly website is an attractive distribution platform for your innovative entrepreneurship.

Audience. We serve and engage with an active, curious, and the rapidly growing audience interested in cutting-edge technological solutions.

Contact us. For cooperation, advertising, and sponsorship inquiries, please contact TechNadu by email: [email protected]